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Celeb Reviews is a start up to let our readers know everything, there is to know about their favorite celebrities. It is going to cover information about celebrities from all forms of Industries. Movie Stars, Sports Celebrities, Business magnates, Political Icons and other youth icons from all over the world. There is no body, celeb reviews is going to leave behind. Plus, we will have interesting latest gossips about them. The readers can search their celebrities by typing their name on the search box.

You can read about them at many places on the internet, but we promise our list is going to be much more detailed. It is going to be great fun, if you stay and read it all here.

There is going to be interesting charts and rankings on the Celeb-Meter, which, by the way, will be solely selected on voting basis by our readers. Based on public poll, there will be a Celebrity of the Month Crown, so do not forget to vote for your “favorite”.

There is going to be a detailed list of celebrity profile in the database of celeb reviews. It will cover Movie stars from Hollywood and Bollywood, who have acted their way into a fan’s heart.

It will also showcase sports stars from soccer, cricket and other games, where we will talk about their triumphs and how they have sweated to achieve it.

It will also feature profiles about various business entrepreneurwho have proved their mettle by being millionaires with just an idea.

It will also put some light on our political leaders where we will provide you every information to why we love and hate them.

And last but certainly not the least, Celeb Reviews will feature youth icons of all sorts. Whoever we will feel like praising about will be on the list.

Apart from all of these, at times, we will be featuring articles on many unsung heroes we may have forgotten about, collectively from all of the above categories. Actors, Directors, Soccer sensations, Cricketers, rags to riches businessmen and ex-politicians from the world.

Our Team:

Sumit Hardia [Founder and Co-Writer]: Sumit is a young entrepreneur, he is a computer engineer by education and an MBA dropout [by choice]. He has decided to work under his own belt, ever since graduation. Sumit has a love for internet marketing and he likes to put his bet on the World Wide Web only. He has made a “Multiple URL Opener” website that has a monthly visitor of more than 15000.

Amrit Rukhaiyaar [Co-Writer and Co-Founder]: Amrit is a passionate writer, who believes writing is a medium for Peace, Wisdom and Knowledge. He is also a computer engineer by education. He writes content in the Creative, Technical and Academic Forms of Writing. His blog “Passion beyond Reality” has a page views of more than 48000 till date. He has a love for Movies and Books.

Your suggestions are heartily welcomed, feel free to drop a mail at: [email id for celeb review]. Also do write to us if you want someone to be featured about, we will always be looking forward to live up to your preferences.


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