Arvind Kejriwal

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Arvind Kejriwal was just another Indian citizen perhaps brilliant than many until the event of introduction of Jan Lokpal Bill.  Even before that he had made his entry into Indian politics by working in Indian Revenue Service after qualifying civil service exam which is considered a tough nut to crack. Born in Siwani at Haryana to Gobind Ran and Gita, he got his undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering in Indian Institute of Technology the most redeemed college in the country rated as the best in India.

 He could have chosen any multinational company being graduated at IIT but his preference to work for Indian government itself shows his political interest and patriotism. Perhaps his family being financially well off did not tempt him to work for money. Cracking IIT, cracking civil service exams which are both reckoned toughest in India marks him as above average and rates him as one of the brilliants of India.

 During his service to the Indian government even before the advent of Jan Lokpal he strived for improvements and wanted to make things better for Indian citizens. He believed “huge changes begin with small things.” He also worked in the income tax department.

Arvind Kejriwal

 After the government passed the Right to Information Act, Arvind Kejriwal made people aware of what all could be done with the right to information act. His activities became famous and were welcomed by people in Delhi. Delhi people made the best of his efforts and this right to information act helped to settle their government grievances. In fact Arvind Kejriwal was one among the member of the government to formulate the right to information act.

 His support and activities involving Anna Hazare took him to political lime light. Eventually a lot of educated people, who realized the activities of Arvind Kejriwal, supported him never the less. He got lots of fanatics from the elite class. He took Indian politics to the next dimension.

 While most politicians target the poor or below the poverty line people by corrupting them or wisely bribing them with freebies Arvind Kejriwal went for what was really good for the nation in the long run. This freebie which may appear good actually disrupts the balance in the country. His activities were appreciated. The unexpected support from the public made Arvind Kejriwal start a party called “Aam Aadmi Party “.Aam Aadmi means “common man” truly Arvind Kejriwal through the Right to information act was just trying to bring facts hidden by the government under some loop holes to the common man’s light.

 Personally Arvind Kejriwal is married to Sunita yet another IRS officer whom he met during his training at National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie and fell in love. The couple now has two children, a son and a daughter.

 Arvind Kejriwal also published a book by name Swaraj which means freedom. Yes, India despite having got freedom is prisoned and jailed by the politicians from the citizens. If true Swaraj is got from the clutches of the corrupt politicians then no wonder India is the super power in the world.

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