Shots Fired At CiCi? Future Blasts Ex On “My Collection,” “She F***ed 2 Rappers And 3 Singers”

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Future Not Finished Talking About Ciara, Goes IN On “My Collection” After the legal troubles Future faced following his little Twitter rants about Ciara you would think the rapper wouldn’t want those kind of problems anymore — but apparently Nayvadius is still out here not giving any fawks because his […]

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Save Her! Safaree Responds To Remy Absolutely Obliterating Nicki On ‘ShETHER’

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    Shade files… Safaree Responds To Remy Ma’s ShETHER Nicki Minaj Diss Nicki Minaj’s ex is not so subtly giving his take on THAT Remy Ma diss. As previously reported the internet exploded when Remy Ma released ShETHER where she blasted Onika Maraj for “protecting” her accused child molester […]

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Mariah Carey Sings To Floyd Mayweather For His 40th Birthday! [Video]

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Floyd Mayweather had a star-studded event for his 40th birthday Friday night. Justin Bieber, Bobby Brown, Fat Joe, Vin Diesel, and other celebs all attended to celebrate the Champ’s new age. Source: 37 total views, no views today

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60 Days In: Atlanta (Fulton County) Looks Like The Most Dangerous One Yet! [Video]

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We’ve kept up with 60 Days In because of it being an outlandish idea for a reality show and really entertaining. Now in its third season, they are taking it to ATLs Fulton County jail…where it looks to be the worst and most violence season yet! Source: 74 total views, […]

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Senseless Killing In Macon, GA Caught On Tape Over…A Cell Phone! [Video]

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MACON: A surveillance camera caught the fatal confrontation between Kareem Mano and a man deputies identified as De’Andre Malik Thomas. The men appear to hand off something before they get into a heated conversation that ends in gunfire on Feb. 23, 2017, at USA Grocery on Rocky Creek Road in […]

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Trey Songz Responds To Remy’s Diss He F**ked Nicki Minaj “I’m Staying Out The Way” [Video]

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Remy Martin waited for the buzz of Nicki Minaj to die down before making her calculated move on Nicki’s claim to fame. This is almost like the 50 Cent and Ja Rule thing. This move was so highly anticipated, Rem had us guessing for years about IF they were actually […]

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When Black Checks Stop Coming In: Rachel Dolezal On Stamps & Brink Of Homelessness [Video]

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They say Rachel Dolezal is struggling to make it and come next month will be homeless. Rachel also says she’s on stamps and needs help since being canned from NAACP. Source: 66 total views, no views today

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Baltimore Police Punch & Beat Terrified Kid Who Was Threatened With A Knife [Video]

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Oh, the joys of being black. Baltimore police are seen in a video beating 16-yr-old Alonzo Cox was after they were called to the scene for a disturbance. The disturbance was Cox being threatened with a knife by a 14-yr-old female. Although the details are sketchy, Cox was arrested and […]

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Hip-Hop Lives: Swizz Beatz And Just Blaze Engage In An Epic DJ/Producer Battle, Someone Took An “L” [Video]

February 25, 2017 6:19 pm0 comments

Swizz Beatz And Just Blaze Go At It In Epic DJ/Producer Battle Despite all the “real hip-hop” fans b!tchin’ and moaning about “mumble rap” and the state of rap music, we are still fortunate enough to have many of our greats still with us and ready to perform. Enter Swizz […]

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Yikes! Nicki Minaj Fires Shots And Remy Ma Hits Back With “Shether”

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Did Nicki Minaj Take Shots At Remy Ma? For some time now there’s been rumblings of a hip-hop beef brewing between Nicki Minaj and Remy Ma. And now the latest claims are over Nicki’s new song with Gucci Mane, which ironically enough, is called “Make Love.” The lyrics are right […]

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