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Dhanush the man who gets the recent lime light because of his upcoming movie Raanjhnaa is a south Indian actor born on 28 July 1983 with the name Venkatesh Prabhu Kasthuri Raja. Though he did not have any special school equipping himself for the demands of the cine world he serves as an excellent actor, playback singer, song lyricist, film producer, music producer and various other works in the cinema world. Though Dhanush remained as a notable actor down at South he first got the limelight for his song why this kolaveri di in the year 2010. The song was a huge success and remain the most viewed on you tube as well.

 Dhanush is well known for playing daring roles in Tamil movies. Most of his characters are unique. Though he plays normal lover boy kind of movies too, he also acts in movies like Paratai engira azhagu sundaram where the lead role is quite different. Be it aadukalam in which he got his first and only national award till date or be it his recent film 3 his roles are quite different.

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 Dhanush was introduced into the cinema world by his brother Selva Raagavan who is also a director. His path was rugged and one could attribute his hard work for the success he has now. He played a variety of roles in his movies. He has a long list of movies though he began his career only in late 2004. Most of which remains in Tamil while few in Malayalam. He now adventures Bollywood to in his new work Raanjhnaa with Sonam Kapoor which is also dubbed in Tamil under the name Ambikapathy. He has also signed few other movies and his call sheets are booked for at leasta year for sure.

Besides being a notable actor Dhanush also has his own name in playback singing. He got international attention for his song Why this kolaveri di directed by Aniruth for his movie 3. He also remains an excellent lyricist. His song Pirai thedum iravile (Night searching the crescent moon) is a wonderful romantic beautifully written song. The best song a girl could ever think for her boy. It poetically tells all that a girl would dream of saying and being to her boy. The lyrics itself will evoke the hidden love deep from the heart breaking the fear, giving hope to lovers. He has to fight a hard battle to reach what he has reached today.

 His personal life is quiet rugged to. Sources say that his mother actually planned for an abortion but Dhanush as a fetus survived. Taking that as an omen of good luck when he was born his mother named him after his mother’s favorite god as Ventakesh Prabhu in name of the holy god of The Hindus Venkateshwara residing at Tirupathi. Eventually he got married to Aiswharya Rajinikanth daughter of Kollywood Superstar. He had a happy married life and is blessed with two sons.

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