The Fragrance of Ambipur in my Maruti WagonR made my long journey short.

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I just bought a new Maruti WagonR from my own money, the feeling was so special. So, one Sunday I called my friends and asked them to go with me for a road trip. The weather was awesome and everything scented so well. Speaking of which, my car’s fragrance is incomplete without Ambipur.

We decided to go to Goa in my WagonR; the trip would be same as the trip we used to go on during college days. The only and the major difference would be the mode of transport. Previously we used to go by train and feel stressed upon reaching Goa. But this time there will be no stress, as we will be in my car with the fragrance of Ambipur on.


So we left on Sunday Morning and reached Goa by evening without feeling any effort on our bodies. When you have a wonderful fragrance with you, you hardly feel any exertion. Goa is only 1000 kms from Indore and it took us 12 hours to reach there.


This road trip was very special for all of us, as we got the chance to stop by many small towns and villages of India. Some of the places where we stopped were Chalisgaon, Ahmednagar, Baramati, Kurkumbh and Satara. I read somewhere that India lives in the villages and it’s really true, now that I have felt it.


Unlike every last time I visited Goa, this time the real fun was the journey and not the destination only because I had a lovely surrounding around me during the journey. All of this happened because of the fragrance of Ambipur in my car. There was a smile on our faces all through the journey.

This post is a piece of my imagination and is fiction written for the contest organized by IndiBlogger in association with Ambipur.

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