Narendra Modi

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Narendra Modi born on September 17, 1950 is the current chief minister of Gujarat. He is playing a prominent role in the up gradation of the state. With his sincere, dedicated and honest efforts he has won the hearts of the people of the state that he holds the record of being the longest-serving Chief Minister of the state. His tremendous support from people across the state has made him as a dominant and important person in his party the Bharathiya Janata Party.

 Narendra Modi is not a man who came to lime light by a day. He holds his master’s degree in political science and was a man born to a middle class family. He has risen from rags to being the chief minister of Gujarat to the member of BJP parliamentary board, the party’s highest decision making body, and also a member of the party’s central election committee.

 Among the politicians in India known for corruption and bribery Modi is fighting a lone battle in the road of honesty. Even the wiki leaks cable describes Narendra Modi as an “incorruptible “person. With his administration Gujarat developed in various sectors right from irrigation to industrialization. It stands unique and well developed when compared to other states of India. However few violent occurrences and clashes among various religions have also been reported during his administration.

Narendra Modi

 The United Nations Organization has honored Narendra Modi with the prestigious United Nations Public Services Award in the year 2010 to honor his sincere and honest work for his state. He was also selected and voted by the citizens of India as the “Best Chief Minister” of the year 2006 by a survey conducted by the India Today Magazine, a leading magazine in India. He was also featured on the cover page of the Time Magazine, a rare feat for many current politicians of the country.

 Under his governance the state made many deals and agreements with other countries across the globe. Modi made sure to develop the state technologically, he promoted his citizens for research works. Gujarat remains a pioneer in Geographic Information Technology, which includes remote sensing etc…  His governance was marked with overall growth with low inflation, booming growth in technology and agricultural sector.

Modi achieved what many governments fail that is a balance between the technological and agricultural sector.

 He took bold and clear decisions like banning cigarettes, liquor and slaughter of cows.

Modi’s rule of banning slaughter of cow was critizised by critics as a religious act, since the Hindu religion worships cow as a holy animal.

 His increasing love, respect and administration from people day by day increases his change of becoming he next the Prime Minister.

 The only mishap during his governance was the 2002 violence where a series of riots emerged between Hindus and Muslims.  Hundreds of people died during those violent attacks including burning of trains, attack on religious places. However Modi took stringent rules and strict punishments were given to the convicts.

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