“Nirbhaya to Tehalka” – Agony of Indian Women

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Not so long ago the whole Indian nation was fighting for the a 21 year old girl who was brutally gang raped in the capital of country and now the editor-in-chief of Tehelka Tarun Tejpal is been accused of sexual harassment of a junior journalist. What is going on in the country? Of course we Indians have Congress government to blame and all thanks to BJP we are just connecting every bad thing with the government. But this will not help.

The number of cases of women molestation is increasing day by day and it is really a threatening sign. The shameful part is that we are the part of this nation and we are doing nothing but protesting it on Facebook. Moreover, the work of police is also boosting the morals of potential criminals. Just look at the three top profile cases and the role played by police –

Tehlaka case – Today the Goa police left Tarun Tejpal after questioning him for 12 hours. Though the CCTV footage is available that is more than sufficient to prove him culprit and based on such actions of police he is confident that he will get bail.

tarun tejpal

Nirbahaya Case – From the gang rape to follow up of the case police was not taking any major action against the criminals and with the inclusion of minor who was not acting like one makes the case even more difficult. Police never tries to increase the pace of investigation but due to media pressure they finally catch the culprits is it the way to make the fat cops work?

Arushi Case – A double murder high profile case of Arushi Talwar and Hemraj was recently ended which reveals the police cooked story of rage and revenge. Arushi’s father was found to be guilty though there is no conclusive proof of it is available. Moreover, police is claiming that 14 year girl was having affair with 45 year old domestic help. Is this a believable thing without any proof?

aarushi talwar

In all the cases one thing which is common is that victim is female. No matter police is doing good or bad, government is doing good or bad but it’s the female which is suffering and with each passing day their inner fear is increasing. We hope that this will end soon and some positive actions are taken to prevent any further case.

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