Today’s Blind Items – Mr X Old Hollywood

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Today’s Blind Items – Mr X Old Hollywood

#1 – This is a follow-up to an earlier blind item. Most of you guessed wrong about the character actor who refused to perform with any black entertainers. I was thinking about this Oscar winner who was the first to portray a character in a series of films, but is best remembered for an ’80s sitcom that premiered long after our character actor passed away. Anyways, during his Broadway days the actor would regularly go to Harlem with fellow gay actors and have his pick of the black rent boys. Hypocritical, much?#2 – They were the leading acting couple on Broadway and even did a couple of movies (they only appeared in one movie together). Heck, they even have (or did have) a theater named after them, but in their personal lives they played the biggest role of all: a married couple. Yes they were both gay and in a “lavender marriage”. If you go visit their lavish Midwest estate, which they used as a vacation home/trysting spot and photo op locale, don’t even bother to ask about their gay double lives because the tour guide will pull you aside and tell you to shut up.#3 – If you’re an old movie buff, you’d definitely know who this character actress is. She had a unique name and had a southern drawl to her voice. Before she got started in showbiz, she appeared in a stag film where she was pretty much naked.
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