Today’s Blind Items – One You Forgot

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Today’s Blind Items – One You Forgot

When I was thinking of 2006, I remembered something that barely made a whisper in the gossip world because there was so much going on at the time. Plus, even what did come out, which wasn’t much, was not the whole story. This foreign born A list singer was going through some tough times. Very tough times. Married, his actress wife wanted to help him so he got some help. Everyone thought he was going better, but when he was found passed out in a hotel room with a couple of bags of coke and three naked groupies, people realized he was not getting better. So, off he went to get some help. Fast forward a few months and he got out for a couple of days to be with his wife but spent it with a country singer who had just broken up with a baseball player. Again, not a good situation for our A lister as he was out of control. Finally, at the end of the year he managed to get sober and for the most part has been sober since.
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