Today’s Blind Items – Quick Hits – Harvey Style

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Today’s Blind Items – Quick Hits – Harvey Style

#1 – According to multiple people who worked for Miramax way back in the day, at least one statement by an actress was no truthful this week. She probably hated every second it, but this B list actress had sex with Harvey and did so more than once. She also did it in his office which staff hated because they would have to freshen out the office after. Harvey sweating for 30 minutes to an hour was not fun.#2 – This tween producer hired a lawyer once he found out the formerly annoying singer and her former co-star want to speak out. A cast mate of the former co-star is also willing to speak.#3 – You know who hasn’t slowed down their casting couch process? This A list mostly action director who is going to be filming a new movie which lends itself to topless auditions has already begun in earnest. Seriously, he has no shortage of women willing to have sex with him or do other sexual favors to land a role in the movie and he can just say it is part of the script.
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