Today’s Blind Items – The Predator

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Today’s Blind Items – The Predator

I can’t believe what I read today. One of the biggest predators over the past two decades wants the world to feel sorry for him. Yes, it sucks that you got assaulted by men. You know what though? You fought the guys off or avoided them. Did you give the women you encountered the same choice? No. You pressured them into sex all the time. You cheated on your significant others with every woman you could find and when they called you out on it you called them wh**es.I remember this network show he was on almost a decade ago which reminds me of a character from a TGIF show. He was recurring but seemed like a main cast member. I don’t even think he missed an episode of the one season it ran. He was cheating on his first wife with his soon to be second wife while at the same time cheating with a co-star who he told he wanted to marry. He then got involved with another cast member and told her he wanted to marry her. Remember, this is while he was already married, had a girlfriend his wife knew nothing about and was now promising two other women he wanted to marry them. The first co-star he said this to is someone you all know from that hit almost network show that ended a few years back. She could definitely stir up some trouble. He would talk to her about religion a lot. Well, she introduced him to some actress friends of the same faith and picked off the ones who wanted a career and told them if they had sex with him he would get them a job on the show. He didn’t have that power. He did this repeatedly. Producers were furious and were fielding calls from agents who had heard from their clients that the actor had promised them a role. When the show was canceled at the end of the year, it was estimated by a producer that the actor had slept with 20-30 women he knew of. Half of those women he promised roles too.See, this actor had a role back in the day which made him recognizable. He has taken advantage of it since. Three weeks ago I saw him sucking face with a woman who was not his wife. I say woman, but if she was in college, she was a first year student. She was new into town and he said he could introduce her to people. I spoke to her when he got a call from his wife. This college student didn’t know the actor was married and said he was looking to settle down with someone. The student had seen him in that show from the past and couldn’t believe he was interested in her. They had been on the way to dinner and then back to his place. Yes, back to his place. They had already hooked up all afternoon. I guess he has a crash pad. Do you suppose she was the first? I don’t think so either. I asked her later if he got back in touch with her. She said I was wrong about him and they were going to be together forever. Uh huh. 
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